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MERDO MADENCILIK LTD. STI. Marble, Natural Stone, Stones, Marble Tile, Marble Stone, Marble Quarry, Travertine Tile, Marble Bathroom
ALACAKAYA DIS TICARET VE PAZARLAMA ANONIM SIRKETI marble, marbles, marble products, cream marble, paving stones, patterned marble, cappuccino marble, marble sagalassos
SUSUZ BAHCE SPORT PEYZAJ LTD. STI. football pitches, professional football pitches, indoor football pitches, outdoor football pitches, football pitch, synthetic grass, artificial turf, astroturf

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SB Grass serves for proffesional and amateur sports clubs with our proffesional football artificial turf product range. SB Grass artficial turf allows maximum movement capability to players as well as the natural grass. Furthermore Susuz Bahce constructs golf courses, jogging tracks, tennis courts, hockey pitchs and all the other sports grounds that you need. Susuz Bahce artificial turf is not for only the sports fields also that can be used in many ares like; gardens, playgrounds, building cladding, landscaping, restaurants, saunas, architectural projects, as the purpose of isolation and decoration. SB Grass Sports Fields are constructed in the FIFA standarts.
PARK KENT Mobilyalari Inc. founded to make a difference in City Furniture and Playground Equipment has became the leader company in quality, unique design and post-sales services, maintaining high product quality and creativity at the same time. PARK KENT Mobilyalari Inc. manufactures numerous products used in landscaping such as themed play systems, interactive play units, metal-plastic play systems, wooden-plastic play systems, outdoor­ equipment, soft play ball pools, playground equipment (swings, seesaws, spring riders and merry-go-rounds), gazebos and pergolas, benches, picnic tables, litter receptacles, recycling units, sports equipment, rubber flooring, wooden-plastic and composite materials with it’s experienced and expert staff in its own facilities. Products, which are developed by our design and R&D teams in accordance with current technological improvements, are created by means of computer-aided, three-dimensional modeling and animation techniques. At every stage of the production , quality control is carried out with the help of control machines, equipment and trained technical staff. Therefore, the lowest possible defect level is achieved by means of CNC-controlled machines. PARK KENT’s main offi‰ce and factory are situated in A.S.O Industrial Zone 1 offers inland sales, installation and after-sale services to its customers. However we have representatives/distributors that advertise and sale PARK KENT products in more than 20 other countries, PARK KENT foreign trades department also functions through the foreign trades agents at the main offi‰ce in Ankara. We, as PARK KENT community, are working day and night with the hope of creating opportunities for you and your children – your most loved and valuable ones – to enjoy some happy moments together. We are most aware of the fact that our job requires an utmost sense of responsibility and deep devotion. We carry out every single process from design to production with this very awareness. We acknowledge the vital importance of avoiding making even the pettiest mistakes and we see it as our main duty to raise the same awareness in the society. We have dedicated ourselves to embellishing our cities, playgrounds, parks and every single corner you look at and to facilitate your lives. We invite you to join us in our efforts and give us the priceless strength by choosing PARK KENT quality and trust.
MERDO Minning Machine Petroleum Energy Industry and Trading Co. Ltd. Welcome to the colorful world of turkish marbles. Turkey is one of the oldest country that produces marble & natural stone in the world. Merdo Marble : Our commercial activities, our business began in 1980 with "Tevfik Export & Import". * Heavy hand carved with classical Furniture export and in Saudi Arabia whole sale marketing. * Arabic as a Mother Langucage is I've Substituted in Saudi Arabia for many Years. MERDO MARBLE : We started in 1990 to Manufacture and exporter special all Arabic Country; * Saudi Arabia ( Jeddah, Makkah, Madina, Dammam, Riyadh ) * UAE : Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Umman, Qatar - Doha, Yemen, Libya, Lebanon - Beirut, Syria.
Alacakaya Marble Industry, one of the strongest brands of the Natural Stone Industry in Anatolia, the center of civilizations; has a quarter century of experience in the industry. Alacakaya Marble, which started as a factory management in Elazig in 1984, has become a facility with a new generation technology, technical team, equipment and production that will meet all the requirements of the age. After the success achieved with Elazig Cherry (Rosso Levanto), especially Botticino Royal; Oil Green, (Verdo Antico) Black Pearl, (Black Pearl) Martini Black, (Black Martini) Karaman Cream, Karaman Gray, (Premium Gray) Breccia Adonis, (Adana Conglomerate) Blue, Honey and White Onyx stones, with the international branding important steps have been taken. 75% of the annual production of the factory, which is 970,000 square meters, is used in the foreign market and 25% in the domestic market. Alacakaya Marble Inc. Most of its exports are mainly Far East and Middle East; It also works in Asia, Europe, South America, North America, Africa and Australia continents. Alacakaya Marble Inc. In addition to producing in standard sizes, it also makes project-based boutique and special productions in line with customer demands. In addition, special methods such as aging, brushing and hammering, acid buckling, leather surface and burning add more value to the marble. Alacakaya Marble Inc., with the admiration we have for the millions of years of natural stone, is proud to introduce the resources we have aesthetic and value-adding practices to the world.
Kristal Landscape was established in 2002 with an understanding that is inspired by nature and adapts the power of nature to urban life. We continue to sign successful projects with our expert and experienced technical staff, our understanding of aesthetics in harmony with nature, and our powerful and modern machinery equipment. PRODUCTION OF TREE, SEEDLING AND SEEDLING We carefully grow our saplings in our sapling production and potting center of 80 thousand m2 in Istanbul, 200 thousand m2 in Duzce and 40 thousand m2 in Ankara. IRRIGATION SYSTEMS With our drip irrigation, rain irrigation, micro sprinkler and over-the-line drippers, we trade irrigation products used in landscaping and planting areas. PLANT NUTRITION We import fertilized peat for use in seedling cultivation, sapling production from plant branch, planting in pots and soilless agriculture. Our product, which is long-lasting and economical compared to equivalent products, saves you time and fertilizers. It offers the highest level of rooting and growth environment.We also have fertilizers such as Humic Acid etc. MULTI-STOREY PARKING SYSTEMS Multi-storey car parks are economical park-type steel structures containing hot galvanized or painted steel modules. Modules can be assembled and disassembled very easily. Therefore, it can be used for workarounds when needed. Automatic payment and camera monitoring can be applied for these systems. WOODEN CITY FURNITURE PRODUCTION While producing modern and useful urban furniture, playgrounds for children, resting and sitting areas, we do not harm human health. WOODEN HOUSE PRODUCTION We produce small wooden houses that are affordable, with many different features and decorative aspects that push the limits of creativity. Aiming to be the best with a customer-oriented working strategy, responding to expectations with quality and stability, making business ethics and honesty an indispensable condition, and being a power that progresses steadily to its goal are the most basic principles of our company.