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Kristal Landscape was established in 2002 with an understanding that is inspired by nature and adapts the power of nature to urban life. We continue to sign successful projects with our expert and experienced technical staff, our understanding of aesthetics in harmony with nature, and our powerful and modern machinery equipment. PRODUCTION OF TREE, SEEDLING AND SEEDLING We carefully grow our saplings in our sapling production and potting center of 80 thousand m2 in Istanbul, 200 thousand m2 in Duzce and 40 thousand m2 in Ankara. IRRIGATION SYSTEMS With our drip irrigation, rain irrigation, micro sprinkler and over-the-line drippers, we trade irrigation products used in landscaping and planting areas. PLANT NUTRITION We import fertilized peat for use in seedling cultivation, sapling production from plant branch, planting in pots and soilless agriculture. Our product, which is long-lasting and economical compared to equivalent products, saves you time and fertilizers. It offers the highest level of rooting and growth environment.We also have fertilizers such as Humic Acid etc. MULTI-STOREY PARKING SYSTEMS Multi-storey car parks are economical park-type steel structures containing hot galvanized or painted steel modules. Modules can be assembled and disassembled very easily. Therefore, it can be used for workarounds when needed. Automatic payment and camera monitoring can be applied for these systems. WOODEN CITY FURNITURE PRODUCTION While producing modern and useful urban furniture, playgrounds for children, resting and sitting areas, we do not harm human health. WOODEN HOUSE PRODUCTION We produce small wooden houses that are affordable, with many different features and decorative aspects that push the limits of creativity. Aiming to be the best with a customer-oriented working strategy, responding to expectations with quality and stability, making business ethics and honesty an indispensable condition, and being a power that progresses steadily to its goal are the most basic principles of our company.

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